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        The inflatable rubber tires are used as the equipments preventing concrete mortar from overflowing placing at each end of the pipe in centrifugal cement mortar lining in ductile iron pipe producing. The tires have two versions like spigot and socket, we commit ourselves to develop the performance of the tires constantly. Presently, the lining ports processing with our tires are so regular and tidy that have not urgently needed to artificial fix up. According to the operational performance, the body of the inflatable rubber tire must has high strength and flexibility to keep the tire expanding uniformly. The inflating valve must agglutinate firmly to prevent the tire from leakage.
        The environment for using inflatable rubber tires is adverse, the way use the tires influent their useful life directly. It should be avoid the direct contact with the oil, chemical and sharp object. The inflate valve is easily-worn, so it should be handled gently. Control the inflation pressure strictly in the range from 0.2 mPa to 0.35 mPa when use, in case the useful life would shortened. Clean up the tires after use to maintain the capability.
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